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The United Hebrew Community of New York follows the tenets of orthodoxy. Simplicity and affordable funeral expenses are traditionally aspired to and practiced. Respect for the deceased is of course a given standard which has proven throughout millennium to bring comfort to those they leave behind. All families, regardless of their available finances, are offered the opportunity to take pride in the beauty and dignity of a true Jewish funeral without unnecessary added costs. Our organization is proud that we, for more than a century, have served the Jewish community during family tragedies and personal loss while upholding these standards.

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Every person of the Jewish faith, k'halacha, can join. Requests for information to enroll can be made by mail, fax, e-mail, telephone, or by appointment in our office. All correspondence, personal conversations, and our membership records are strictly confidential. The entire membership process can be completed through the mail by filling out a few simple statistical forms. We realize that there are those who are unable to make application on their own behalf. Therefore, we permit as well as encourage others who have an interest and concern for such persons to apply for them.

The cost of Initiation, Life or Special membership dues as well as grave reservation expenses will be quoted in writing upon request. Payments can be made by cash, check or credit card. One can also choose to complete their Life or Special Membership dues payments over a two year period.

We understand that no two people or families have the exact same needs or problems yet, we try to meet as best as we can, everyone's expectations.

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Relatives or friends of a deceased person who was not a member may call upon us to help in whichever way we can with necessary arrangements for a proper and dignified burial. In a respectful manner The United Hebrew Community of New York assists its members, friends and all others in need to choose a participating Jewish licensed undertaker and guides the family through their hour of grief.

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Small Benevolent Society Members

Of the original thousands of small societies in and around New York very few still exist. Some have come to the The United Hebrew Community of New York for help, guidance and the free assistance we offer. The United Hebrew Community of New York is determined that other societies must survive as long as there is a membership that still expects benefits. It is our policy to sustain and support any small group to meet their daily obligations to their own membership while also helping them expand their benefits. Our staff offers all the services required to perpetuate the integrity of these societies while preserving their history. There are no fees or expenses charged to societies who request or receive assistance. We invite all inquiries without obligation which will remain strictly confidential.

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