Additional Benefits

All members are instructed to advise and leave instructions for their family, next of kin, agent,  executor, conservator, guardian, health care proxy, or attorney to call our office first when a funeral must be arranged.


Our telephones are answered 

24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Our staff will immediately help to arrange the funeral with one of our participating funeral directors. These directors will assist in providing our benefits, and there will be no additional cost for the benefits we provide. At their funeral homes, these same directors have very competitive prices for most items and services that we do not provide as our standard membership benefits. This may add dramatically to the savings when a funeral is being arranged or contracted.


When we are called, we will help any person arranging a member’s funeral to get all the burial benefits as well as all the other discounts being offered with the assistance of a participating funeral director.


Other funeral homes will bill for every item in the entire funeral.

To assure a family of receiving all membership benefits and prompt assistance in case of a death, our emergency telephone is answered 

24 hours a day, every day of the year.


Call us FIRST at 

212 674-3580 or 516 295-4045 

or toll-free at 877 674-3580.

All Members of the United Hebrew Community of NY may reserve one or more additional graves or a private plot for their family at any of our cemeteries according to the rules of the organization.

All reservations can be made prior to or at the time of death.

Cemetery Parcels For Regular / FamilyMembers

Cemetery Parcels For Life Members