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If you would like to donate in memory of a loved one, in honor of someone, make a general donation, or help defray some of the expenses mentioned above, please enter the amount and purpose of your donation in the box below before clicking on the donate button.


We appreciate your support. Since 1901, the UNITED HEBREW COMMUNITY OF NEW YORK has been there for the entire Jewish Community.

Aside from the daily assistance we provide our members and their families, we are contacted throughout the year by Rabbis, Government officials, friends, and neighbors of those who, unfortunately, have no family or legal representative to arrange funeral arrangements.  Our office is contacted to assist these Meis Mitzvos with everything ranging from complete funeral arrangements to even graves. 

The UNITED HEBREW COMMUNITY OF NEW YORK has taken pride in being able to help with these situations as much as possible. This assistance is usually provided at no cost to those contacting our office. However, it does cost the organization. We, therefore, request any amount you would generously donate to help offset these expenses the organization has undertaken over the years.

All contributions are tax-deductible,

and the appropriate documentation for every donation is provided.